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TV Westerns
And links to other 1950-1960s TV shows

Clayton Moore as THE LONE RANGER and Jay Silverheels as Tonto.

Hugh O'Brian, TV's WYATT EARP.

John Russell as 'Dan Troop' in THE LAWMAN.

Johnny Crawford and Chuck Connors in THE RIFLEMAN.

Rory Calhoun as TV's Bill Longley, THE TEXAN.



Clint Walker, TV's CHEYENNE.

Kirby Grant as SKY KING.

Peter Brown of LAWMAN and LAREDO.

James Arness as 'Matt Dillon' in GUNSMOKE.

John Hart during his one season as TV's LONE RANGER.

Gail Davis as TV's ANNIE OAKLEY.

Guy Madison as WILD BILL HICKOK.

Robert Horton and Ward Bond in WAGON TRAIN.

Dale Robertson in TALES OF WELLS FARGO, IRON HORSE, more.

Gene Barry as BAT MASTERSON.

The Old Corral will NOT be expanded to include details on the many TV westerns --- the site consumes too much of my time now to do new stuff, updates and maintenance, and I need to sleep occasionally.  But due to the volume of e-mails asking about old television shows, I've decided to add a page containing external links to TV-related websites which may be of interest to Old Corral viewers.

If you find a site that would be a good addition to the list below, please shoot the Old Corral webmeister an e-mail.

I'm sure you know this, but it's worth repeating: the Old Corral has no control over the content of these websites.  I have visited all of these on one or more occasions, but it's impossible to constantly check and re-check.  While most are fansites, some are businesses (meaning they would like to sell you books, videos, autographed photos, etc.).  Some of the sites listed below may also utilize browser 'cookies', require registration, etc.

The adjacent to a link indicates an "official" (sanctioned/approved) site for that performer.

Some of these websites have info on videos for these TV shows.  You can also visit the Videotapes/DVDs page on the Old Corral and do some searches.

Note that these links are not in any particular order or priority.

Newest links will be at the TOP of each section.

Search/Find: If you wish to find a particular show or person's name, simply use your web browser's built-in FIND function and that will allow you to search down this page for your keywords.  In the upper left of your screen, you should see the word 'EDIT'.  Click on that, and in the drop down menu, click on 'FIND' to do your search.  In web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and others, you can also hit the Ctrl-F key combination to open the FIND box (hold down the Ctrl Key in the lower left of your keyboard, and press the key for the letter F).  In the 'Find What' box, type in a word or short phrase like bronco layne, or cheyenne, or wyatt earp.  When done typing, begin the search by clicking on the 'Find Next' button which will take you to the first occurrence of that word or phrase (or to the end of this page, if no match is found).  Keep clicking on the 'Find Next' button to continue down to all the matches.

TV Links - Westerns

Boyd Magers' Western Clippings website has a bunch of information on TV westerns. When you get to his site, click on " Do You Remember?" in the left side menu:

Television's New Frontier: The 1960s blog has lots on westerns and other TV shows ... and on the right side of the homepage, there's a clickable listing of actors and actresses that appeared in shows, many with images:

There's a large website devoted to Johnny Washbrook, Gene Evans, Anita Louise and the MY FRIEND FLICKA TV series:

 The official site for Robert Fuller who starred in WAGON TRAIN, LARAMIE and EMERGENCY is at:

Jerry Waite's Gabby Hayes website includes images of the covers and backs of many of Gabby's Fawcett and Charlton comic books ... and a bunch of Gabby sound bytes.  Jerry also has an image of the Hayes obituary, brochures and photo of the Gabby Hayes Ranch which was a Summer camp type operation in the 1950s for the kids, and info on Gabby's 1950s TV show on NBC and ABC. When I checked the website in February, 2020, it was no longer working:

 The official site for Gene Barry, TV's BAT MASTERSON, is at:

Margie's Chuck Connors' THE RIFLEMAN website includes a listing of the 168 episodes:

The TV Episode guide site on Westerns is at:

Lots of info on THE HIGH CHAPARRAL is at:
There's a THE HIGH CHAPARRAL newsletter which can be e-mailed to you or you can read past issues on the website at:

 The official website for Ty Hardin, TV's BRONCO LAYNE, appears to be no longer working when I checked in February, 2020:

There's a bit about western swing artist Spade Cooley and his KTLA TV show at:

 The official website for Clint Walker, TV's CHEYENNE, is at:

The TV westerns section of the Classic TV Archive has lots of details on many of the TV westerns, including writers, directors, production company info, performers, episode guides, etc.:

 The official Smiley Burnette website is at:

Kent Volgamore's website on Kirby Grant and the SKY KING TV show is at:

The SKY KING Fan Club website is at:

The website has a page on SKY KING:

 The official website for Buddy Ebsen is at:

Candace Rich has the Fifties website and there's a section on TV westerns:

 Jackie Patterson has the official website for JOHNNY RINGO. Johnny was played by Don Durant and he was ably assisted by Mark Goddard and Karen Sharpe:

Stephen Lodge passed away in 2017. But there are many articles on western TV and movie people that he wrote about. Go to:

 The official website for James Arness of movie and GUNSMOKE fame is at:

 The official website for Gail Davis, TV's ANNIE OAKLEY, is at: (But as of Summer, 2007, the website was no longer working and the domain name was for sale.)

 The official Gene Autry website is at:

 The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans official website is at:

 The official Hopalong Cassidy website is at:

 The official website for Fess Parker, TVs DAVY CROCKETT and DANIEL BOONE, is at:

 The official website for Robert Horton of WAGON TRAIN is at:

 The official website for Peter Brown of THE LAWMAN and LAREDO TVers is at:

Robert Callaghan's website on Jock Mahoney (stuntman, onetime Tarzan and star of TV's RANGE RIDER and YANCY DERRINGER) is at:
Bob also has a section (with lots of images) covering many of the TV westerns:

C. Craig Coomer's The Clayton Moore - In Loving Memory website is at:

Mark Largent's LONE RANGER website has info on the various Lone Rangers of TV, radio, serials, et al:

There's a website on the Lone Ranger cartoon series of the mid 1960s and early 1980's: and

Steve Jensen's Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger, site is at:

And Jensen has a page on John Hart at:

And he also has a page on stuntman/actor Chuck Courtney, who portrayed the Lone Ranger's nephew, Dan Reid:

Rick Bulger's Lone Ranger site is at:

R. J. 'Bob' Marks II has a site on TV's GUNSMOKE:

Website on HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL is:

When I checked in February, 2020, the tribute site to Doug McClure was no longer working:

TV Links - Various ... some of the websites include
TV westerns ... some relate to 1950s era TV

Want to look at some images of early TV brands and models? Go to:

The TV History site also has photos of early TV models ... but they also have some Facts and Statistics on the sales and households with TV during the late 1940s through 1950s:

There's more on the DuMont Television network at Steve Jajkowski's Chicago Television History website:

Edwin Howard Reitan, Jr.'s History of Color Television website is at:
Included is a page devoted to the first coast-to-coast color television broadcast - the Pasadena Tournament of Roses (Rose Bowl) Parade on January 1, 1954:

 There's an official website for Jon Provost, the original 'Timmy' on the Lassie TV show:

The TV Party website includes audio, video, info on TV 'flops' and more, and can be found at:

The TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET website is at:

The TV Episode guide site is at:

TV Links - Sound Files, Opening Themes, etc.

Wave Themes is at:

The 'Whirligig' website in the UK has some downloadable themes of TV westerns: is a website with references to a lot of old TV show themes (there are no sound files to download or listen to).  But if you want to know about who created the theme for TVers like BOSTON BLACKIE, WILD BILL HICKOK, more, then take a trip to:

Satellite/Cable/TV Schedules

Many of Satellite/Cable/TV schedule websites require you to do some work in order to deliver your particular schedule ... so you have to identify your zip code, the name of your cable or satellite dish company, etc.  Some require you to 'register' (most are free) in order to access some content. Most of these stations and schedules are primarily related to films. But some do show western TV programs.

Internet Databases to Search

 The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has a searchable database on actors, actresses, films, directors, studios, etc.:

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